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Selected Work

Author and Freelance Writer

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It's Nice to be Nice, The New Quarterly, Winter 2023

Honeysuckle, The Erotic Review, Apr 2021

The Forgotten Cabin, Rucksack, Dec 2020

Postcard from Glasgow, Cagibi Literary Magazine, July 2019


Spain: Sierra de Guadarrama, The Sunday Times, Aug 2023

Galápagos: The Far Side of the World, The Globe & Mail, May 2023

Chile: A Country of the Mind, Virtuoso, Mar 2023

Ireland: Hymns of the Irish Tongue, Hemispheres, Feb 2023 

Ireland: Through Water and Fire to Wexford, The Globe and Mail, Oct 2022

Ireland: Slouching Towards Sligo, Washington Post, July 2022

Azerbaijan: Land of Long Life, Geographical, June 2022

India: The Thar Desert, Nowhere, April 2022

Portugal: Entrudo Chocalheiro, Nat Geo Traveller, Mar 2022

Portugal: Costa Nova, The Toronto Star, Mar 2022

Portugal: Kayaking the Aveiro Lagoon, Washington Post, Mar 2022

Dreaming of Jupiter, Condé Nast Traveler, Feb 2022

The High Mountains of Azerbaijan, Washington Post, Jan 2022

Britain: Night Train to London, Nat Geo Traveller India, Dec 2021

Portugal: The Douro Line, Travel + Leisure, Dec 2021

Italy: Walking Il Cammino di Dante, Washington Post, Nov 2021

Brazil: Down the São Francisco, Hidden Compass, Oct 2021

The Gambia: Seeking Ninki Nanka, Nat Geo Traveller, Oct 2021

Canada: The Ocean Train Line, The Toronto Star, Sept 2021

Senegal: The Spirit of Saint-Louis, Olongo Africa, Aug 2021

Scottish Fringe: Cycling the Hebridean Way, EnRoute, Mar 2021

A Fine Line: Motorcycling Portugal's Border, Expedition Portal, Feb 2021

Mitherland: Kayaking Orkney, The Independent, Jan 2021

Mapping Nicaragua, Motorcycle Mojo, Nov 2020

Rodando no Raia, TREVL Magazine, June 2020 (Portuguese) [pdf]

​Brazil: Working with God's Will, The Real Story, Mar 2020

Moving Through Mozambique, Litro Magazine, Mar 2020

Bolivia: The Land of No Hay, Overland Magazine, Nov 2019

Scotland: Cowboys of Glasgow, World Literature Today, Nov 2019



Quito, World Literature Today, Sept 2023

Wexford, World Literature Today, Jan 2023

Victoria, World Literature Today, Nov 2022

London, World Literature Today, May 2022

Dakar, World Literature Today, Jan 2022

Glasgow, World Literature Today, Apr 2021

Porto, World Literature TodayJuly 2020


The Galápagos Paradox, The Atlantic, July 2023

Shadow on the Land: Big Effects of Small Town Politics, The Walrus, Nov 2022

Stewards of the Forest: Gambia's Oyster Harvesters, The Guardian, May 2022

What's Good For The Gander, Shooting Times & Country, Feb 2021 [pdf]

Bought the Farm: Landgrabbing in Canada, Maisonneuve, Sept 2020 

Blood-Red, Blank Spaces, Mar 2020​ [pdf]


Talking to Strangers, World Literature Today, July 2023

Instruments of Torture, The Walrus, Jan 2023

Consolation with Michael Ignatieff, New Humanist, Mar 2022

Nationalizing Canada's Rail, The Globe and Mail, Feb 2022 [pdf]

Geography and Separatism, Canadian Notes and Queries, Nov 2021

Scotland's Gaelic Language Revival, World Literature Today, Apr 2021

How to Talk About Death, New Humanist, July 2020


Bueno, bonito, y barato: Eating in Quito, Virtuoso, May 2023

Feast for the Soul: Ramadan in The Gambia,  New Humanist, Oct 2021

Decolonizing Food in West Africa, Condé Nast Traveler, Aug 2021

Jim Harrison's Meatballs, World Literature Today, July 2021

The Art History of Absinthe, EATEN MagazineFeb 2021 [pdf]

Colombia's Green Coffee, DRIFT Magazine, Nov 2020 [pdf]

The Journey of the Piri-piri Pepper, EATEN MagazineOct 2020 [pdf]

Reading and Listening

Ted Simon: My Dinner With Jupiter, Motorcycle Mojo, Oct 2023

J.M. Coetzee: The Pole, World Literature Today, Sept 2023

Angela Hewitt: What Gets Us Through, VAN Magazine, June 2023

Robert Pirsig: The Bikers' Bible, New Humanist, Mar 2023

Alisa Ganieva: Offended Sensibilities, World Literature Today, Jan 2023

Margaret Lawrence: Close to Home, Literary Review of Canada, Dec 2022

Forough Farrokhzad: Cold Season, World Literature Today, May 2022

Antonio Lobo Antunes: Hot Summer, Times Literary Supplement, Feb 2022 

Seamus Heaney: Field Work, Washington Post, Jan 2022

Michael Ignatieff: Slivers of Light, Literary Review of Canada, Jan 2022

Norm Macdonald: The Last Laugh, Literary Review of Canada, Dec 2021

Esther Woolfson: Between Light and Storm, New Humanist, May 2021

Larry McMurtry: Horseman, Pass By, Los Angeles Review of Books, Apr 2021

Nanjala Nyabola: Travelling While Black, Travel Writing World, Mar 2021

Rory Maclean: Writing Truth to Power, Travel Writing World, Feb 2021

Joe Sacco: Graphic Narrative, Literary Review of Canada, Jan 2021

Margaret Laurence: Escape Artist, The Globe and Mail, Dec 2020

Steve McCurry: Poet Photographer, Travel Writing World, Nov 2020

Cees Nooteboom in Venice, Travel Writing World, Oct 2020

Wade Davis's River of Dreams, Travel Writing World, Sept 2020

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